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Memory Magnets

Magnets to help with remembering for those struggling with disassociation disorders, time-blindness, burnout etc. OR just because they are cute and you want some for yourself! Many of these are used to help remember our grocery lists with visual cues. On one side of the fridge, you'll have items currently in your pantry. On the other side will be your shopping list of those you are out of or running out of. Fun and cute and a joy to have!

(We also make customs that don't have to be for memory use but just for cuteness!)

Items are drawn on recycled cardboard (clean) because of their sturdiness and our Mission to recycle or upcycle as much as possible!

Orders are made in sets of 10. Have a list of items you'd like me to draw (if you'd like them close to your brands) or the generic item type (i.e. lucerne milk jug vs any milk jug)

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