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Let's make ATC Stickers!! Stickers that you can either trade or use or giveaway for someone else to use~ Doodle on these cropped ATC stickers and spread the art!

Photo Reel ATC Tutorial

Photo Reel ATC Tutorial

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Look At Your Materials

Take a look at the items provided. x2 Sticker ATCS (neon orange), pen


We found that permanent markers like Sharpie tended to dry out quickly so perhaps use an il paint pen if going that route? Ball point pens so far worked best. Feel free to experiment.


Think It Out

What sort of image would you like to see on a sticker or what image do you know someone you want to give the sticker to would like? Doodle on some scratch paper ideas you may have before committing to the card. Draw on the orange side!



How was drawing on a sticker? What are you going to do with it?



You got two! What are you going to draw this time?


Sign and Date

Don't forget to sign and date the back! Or add a pseudonym (fake name) at the least. Don't remember the date? Just add the year is fine! 

Since the sticker will be separated, sign in either the bottom left or bottom right corner of the front side (so on the orange side). That way your information stays with your art when it gets used!

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Can We Improve?

Let us know what you think so we can make this a better experience!


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