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"Photo Reel!" 

This photo reel ATC is inspired by a viral video John saw. John wanted to see how hard it would be to create an ATC sized version and made an easy tutorial to go with it.

We strongly recommend downloading the files included and making your own custom Photo Reel ATC. The tutorial includes instructions on adding your own photos and text to the digital file, allowing you to make your own custom card that's great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or other events

For file download check

and scroll down to #12 "ATC Photo Reel ZIP

If you have any issues or need assistance please contact us at and we'll do our best to assist!

Photo Reel ATC Tutorial

Photo Reel ATC Tutorial

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Look At Your Materials

Take a look at the items provided. Your kit should include a Photo Reel card base, a Photo Reel with four pictures on it, two precut dowel pieces, a rigid ATC blank to use as a backing, and a QR code sheet with a link to download the files for self customization


Fold along crease edges

Fold along creased edges, folding the edges in to create the frame


Glue short edges

Glue the top and bottom sides (shorter edges) up, this will allow for the dowels to be installed


Glue Photo Reel to dowels

Glue one edge of the photo reel to the dowel. Once dry, thread the Photo Reel through the slots in the sides and glue it to the dowel on the other side


Glue long sides down

Glue the side edges down, being careful not to get glue on the Photo Reel


Glue rigid ATC Blank to back

Glue the included ATC blank to the back of the Photo Reel ATC, hiding the internal parts and adding stability to the card

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