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Rynebau Crystallia

Sex:  Female


Species:  Faerie



Storyline: Aelrune

Year of Creation: 




Full Name: 


Meaning Behind Name: 


Meaning Behind Nicknames: 




Age Based on Appearance: 


Blood Type: 




Top Expressions Used: 


Speech Pattern: 

Main Language: 




Personality Summary: 





Skin Tone: 




Body Structure/Build: 


Dominant Hand: 










Choice of Attire: 










Simple Pleasures: 

Greater Pleasures:


Life Goals: 

Short Term Goals: 

Long Term Goals: 


Relationship Skills:





Birth Place: 

Birth Order: 








Intelligence Level: 


Patience Level: 

Ruled by Emotion or Logic: 

Introvert or Extrovert: 

Optimist or Pessimist: 

Motto/Personal Quote:  

Musical Talent: 


Full Name::Rynebau Crystallia

Pronunciation:: Rainbow Cryst-all-ia


Sex:: female

Blood Type:: unknown


Birth date::unknown

Birth Place::Kingdom Crystallia

Birth Order::Unknown

Family:: Unknown

Occupation::Crowne's Assistant

Title/Rank::Princess (doesn't remember)

Hobbies/Pastimes:: yearning for Crowne, getting new clothes, writing in her diary

Skills/Powers:: Has magic (doesn't know nor has any interest in finding out if she does), can translate any language into the universal language

Symbol:: Diamond Swirl 



Home:: Kingdom Crystallia

Earliest Memory:: Doesn't recall anything

Childhood:: Doesn't recall anything

Favorite memory:: Meeting Crowne, her knight in shining armor

Most important Memory:: Meeting Crowne

Backstory:: Rynebau was found abandoned and left for dead in an empty can by Crowne. A few days after Crowne and Jewel had settled into their new home, Crowne went out and stumbled across the hurt faerie. Rynebau believes he is her knight in shining armor come to rescue her. She was nursed back to health and loved all the attention and care that Crowne gave her and she had decided that he was the one she was going to marry. All she needed was for him to turn her into a human and for her to confess her undying love for him. Even though he doesn't quite have a handle on it, she will wait by his side until he can complete the spell.  


[[Physical Characteristics]]


Height:: 5 inches

Weight:: a few grams

Posture/Poise:: very proper, straight back etc

Build:: thin, perfect 'model' material

Strength:: being annoying, spying

Weakness:: everything else

Skin:: light tan

Hair:: default: long wavy, and dark brown

Eyes:: default: left eye silver and right eye gray

Other:: Hair style/color, right eye color, outfit color/style changes with emotion

Expressions:: usually

Markings:: none

Left/Right Handed:: right handed

Choice of attire:: varies depending on mood, event, what's in style etc

Accessories:: whatever matches her outfit

Weapons:: none (she does magic but doesn't remember)

Mannerism:: proper etiquette

Habits:: sighing and going off to la-la land

Health:: very good

Hygiene:: perfect

Speech Pattern:: royal

Voice:: breathy and purring

References:: N/A  


[[Intellectual Characteristics]]


Intelligence level:: What others can see, not very high, actually can read magic texts and translate other languages to the universal language

Languages:: universal language

Long term goals:: to become human and marry Crowne

Short term goals:: get new outfits

Secret desires:: To become human and a high class lady

Self-confidence:: Very high

How do they see themselves:: Perfect in every way

How do they think they are perceived by others:: beautiful, intelligent, interesting

What do they like about themselves the most:: perfect

What do they like about themselves the least:: Not human

How do they express themselves:: Actions, words, and how she looks

Dominant or Submissive:: Dominant

Patience Level:: none

Ruled by Emotion or Logic:: emotion

Most at ease when:: with Crowne or sleeping

Least at ease when:: around other women

Which of the seven virtues:: Chastity

Which of the seven sins:: Lust

Greatest weakness:: vanity

Optimist or Pessimist:: Pessimist

Introvert or Extrovert:: Extrovert

Greatest Fear:: Never marrying Crowne, not knowing who she really is

Greatest Regrets:: Doesn't feel like she has any

Greatest Accomplishment:: Helping Crowne decipher a book

Darkest Secret:: Actually likes Jewel seeing how much she cares for her brother and how strong she is.

Personality Summary:: She is rash, rude, jealous, prideful and stuck up. Loves Crownes but hates Jewel and makes it difficult for Jewel without Crowne knowing. Rynebau is also quite vain and takes plenty of time to fix her appearance, trying new outfits all to attract Crowne's attention. Her head is in the clouds daydreaming of her and Crowne which she writes daily in her dairy. She also keeps a separate book for the reasons why she and Crowne are perfect for each other. (Reasons like: 'He likes daisies and so do I!' or 'He put his spoon and fork in the same place as me!') . She has been dubbed by Jewel, "The girl with extreme PMS" after her seven entities where put back into one being. Each emotion would be to it's extreme and can change suddenly without notice or reason.

Musical Talent:: can play any instrument beautifully, has no real interest in it however




Likes:: Feminine clothing, dark greens, diamonds, suns

Dislikes:: Jewel Krystice, dirt, crude men

Favorites:: elegant gowns, things that make her look beautiful

Least Favorite:: commoners

Simple Pleasures:: new outfits

Greater Pleasures:: Being around Crowne

Motto/Personal Quote:: "I will do anything for Crowne!"

Mode of Transportation:: Flies

Most Prized Possession:: A small mirror that allows her to see wherever Crowne is (except when he is in the bathroom)  




Relationship Skills:: poor, she is very critical meeting people

Loves:: Crowne Krystice

Lusts:: Crowne Krystice

Crushes:: Crowne Krystice

Girlfriend/Boyfriend:: (in her mind) Crowne Krystice

Martial Status:: none (does have a fiancee but doesn't remember him)

Best Friend:: Crowne Krystice

Friends:: none

Dislikes:: Everyone else unless they prove themselves

Hates:: Jewel Krystice

Rivals:: Jewel Krystice, Marelle

Pets:: none

Perfect Partner:: unknown

Judgmental of others:: Very

Perceived by

Strangers:: snotty, stuck up, love struck, annoying

Friends:: same

Family/partner:: same

What will change people’s perception:: Seeing how much she will do for Crowne

Type of people liked to associate with:: Those who admire her or will talk about Crowne, those of high status

Type of people disliked to associate with:: everyone else, commoners

Treats others of the opposite sex:: With little interest (trying to get Crowne jealous)

Treats others of the same sex:: disdain, seeing them as rivals

What do family/close friends like most about them:: N/A

What do family/close friends like least about them:: N/A

What is their relationship like with

1. Crowne Krystice:: Very close, but he has only treated her as a friend and ally

2. Jewel Krystice:: A rivalry, detests her because of how much Crowne loves his sister

3. Marelle:: Hates because she has noticed that Marelle secretly likes him as well as hints of Crowne liking her

4. Fayne:: Assumes Fayne is a guy. Very interesting but ugly bunny like doll.


[[Emotional Characteristics]]


Sense of Morals:: none

Etiquette:: proper, high class

Sense of Self-control:: none (tries her best around Crowne)

Act in public:: like a snob

Act around strangers:: demanding, bossy, snobby

Act around friends:: feels more relaxed and may not be AS annoying

Changed from childhood:: unknown

Remained the same:: unknown

Deals with:: (these will refer to AFTER the accident w/ a spell. All other feelings resume to default)

Anger:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns red. Will yell your ears off, tries to use physical force with equals to pains like pinches and needle stabs.

Sorrow:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns blue. Cries a lot and writes in her diary. Confides in Crowne as well. Doesn't show others her weakness.

Conflict/Danger:: Hides behind Crowne who will protect her

Rejection:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns blue.

Fear:: Searches for Crowne's protection

Change:: Reaction varies on situation. Excited about fashion change, not excited about wars

Excitement:: /hyper= left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns orange. Starts to talk a lot and flutter around in circles a lot

Loss:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns blue. Doesn't cry a lot but will lock herself into a small area in Crowne's work area and won't speak to anyone.

Being incorrect:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns red. Gets angry and attacks. Eventually cools down and waves it off as if it wasn't that big of a mistake.

Guilt:: Hates it and tries to ignore it. Eventually tried to do what's right.

Peer Pressure:: Doesn't suffer from it, she CAUSES it

Stress:: Frets a lot, babbles, and flies into things more frequently

Pain:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns blue. Whimpers and complains

Being Criticized:: Inwardly feels bad, outwardly she acts like she doesn't care. If it is Crowne however she will change. No questions asked.

Praise:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns yellow. Basks in it and enjoys every second of it.

Love:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns pink. Gets giddy and acts like a typical teen in love.

Humiliation:: Hides for days until Crowne can coax her out

Mischievous:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns purple. Likes to create havoc with those who flirt or get too close with Crowne.

Jealousy:: left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns pale green. Will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Being hated::left eye, outfit color, and hair color turns blue.

How does this character think/feel about::

Marriage:: Wants to get married

Children:: Hopes to have children

Love:: Only love she has is for Crowne and how she looks

The opposite Sex:: little to no interest

Drugs and Alcohol:: Hates what it does to people

Killing/Murder:: Disgusts her

Life:: will enjoy every moment of it and cannot live if Crowne is not in it.

Death:: Fears it

Society:: Should serve her

Their own death:: Fears it

What they want out of life:: To be Crowne's wife.

What would they like to change in their life:: To become human so she can marry Crowne.

Motivation:: Crowne asking her to do something

Discourages:: Crowne criticizes or corrects her for being wrong 

Happiness:: Being around Crowne, getting new outfits

Sorrow:: Not being around Crowne

Angry:: Not being noticed or center of attention


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All Rights Reserved.

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