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King La'Rence

Sex: Male


Species:  Human


Nicknames: The Dragon of Aelrune

Storyline: Aelrune

Year of Creation: 




Full Name: 


Meaning Behind Name: 


Meaning Behind Nicknames: 




Age Based on Appearance: 


Blood Type: 




Top Expressions Used: 


Speech Pattern: 

Main Language: 




Personality Summary: 





Skin Tone: 




Body Structure/Build: 


Dominant Hand: 










Choice of Attire: 










Simple Pleasures: 

Greater Pleasures:


Life Goals: 

Short Term Goals: 

Long Term Goals: 


Relationship Skills:





Birth Place: 

Birth Order: 








Intelligence Level: 


Patience Level: 

Ruled by Emotion or Logic: 

Introvert or Extrovert: 

Optimist or Pessimist: 

Motto/Personal Quote:  

Musical Talent: 




Full Name::La'Rence Tellaru Kranz Aelrune

Pronunciation:: La-Rens Tell-a-ru cranz ale-rune

Usually Called::Formal: King La'Rence Aelrune; Informal: King Ren

Age:: 18

Sex:: Male

Blood Type:: B

Species:: Human

Birthdate:: 2nd of Summer, 1st moon

Birth Place:: Kingdom Aelrune

Birth Order:: Twin brother died at birth

Family:: Father was poisoned, mother died protecting him

Occupation:: King of Aelrune

Title/Rank:: King, Dragon of Aelrune

Hobbies/Pastimes:: Practicing weapons, trying to woo Jewel, hiding from Crowne, searching for items that will win Jewel over

Skills/Powers:: Master at many weapons, great strategist, charismatic, gift of persuasion

Symbol:: X 

Theme:: X's, Crowns, Suns // red, gold, white




Home:: Kingdom Aelrune

Earliest Memory:: His kingdom was under attack, fires, and rubble everywhere. He heard screams and the last thing that he heard and saw was his mother slumping over his body pleading him to live on.

Childhood:: It was both a tough and enjoyable childhood. He was forced to learn anything and everything. He had to be the best and strive for perfection. He became fluent in other languages, understood the economy of his kingdom, how to delegate with other kingdoms, the politics, etiquette, and more at a very young age. Though he didn't know exactly the importance of everything yet, he learned it all anyway.

Favorite memory:: Learning the sword from his father in the courtyard, his mother watching and praising his speed of learning.

Most important Memory:: Accepting responsibility that he will rule the kingdom next. He has to help rule while his father lies in bed handicapped by the poison.

Backstory:: As a child, he lost his mother who was killed protecting him from an oncoming arrow when rebels came to kill the royal family. His father was out fighting and was too late to save his beloved wife. Ren was devastated and has beat himself up for not being able to protect his mother his whole life. Years passed and he has tried his best to become the strongest fighter to be able to protect the ones he loves. He doesn't want to be in power knowing that people may storm in and repeat the traumatic event when he was a child. So he shirks off his duties wanting to be a normal boy. When he turned 17 his father was poisoned and killed leaving the kingdom's adviser in charge of the kingdom until Ren is of age (18 ). Jewel and Crowne came through the kingdom creating a ruckus then were invited to the palace to talk with the king. Jewel instantly knew who was a fault after meeting the traitor and causing the kingdom to deteriorate from the inside out. Here is where Jewel works for the king, Crowne is working with a magician, and the king is trying to find a way to attract Jewel.


[[Physical Characteristics]]


Height:: 5'8" (age 18) 6'3" (age 21)

Weight:: 180lbs

Posture/Poise:: Stands with back straight, shoulders back, head held high

Build:: Muscular, but not bodybuild muscle

Strength:: Very strong due to martial arts and weapons training every day

Weakness:: Distracted easily by Jewel (and sometimes other pretty women)

Skin:: Very tan for being outside a lot

Hair:: Silvery white, messy and will cover half of his face when serious

Eyes:: dark brown

Other:: N/A

Expressions:: Smile/laughter, fear, or a 'poker face'

Markings:: N/A

Left/Right Handed:: Left Hand

Choice of attire:: Comfy yet royal outfits (high-quality material, simple patterns)

Accessories:: Always wears a golden crown

Weapons:: A sword that unhinges into sections and can act as a whip

Mannerism:: Doesn't speak with a royal 'accent'

Habits:: When he's comfortable around someone he makes faces as he is thinking. When in the courtroom and doing 'kingly' duties, his face is frozen and controlled.

Health:: Top shape

Hygiene:: Perfect

Speech Pattern:: varies depending on who he's with

Voice:: deep and husky



[[Intellectual Characteristics]]


Intelligence level:: Very high, but acts like a teen sometimes

Languages:: Knows quite a few in order to communicate with neighboring kingdoms and villages

Long term goals:: to make his kingdom prosper, to marry Jewel

Short term goals:: to survive an encounter with Crowne

Secret desires:: To have a child with Jewel

Self-confidence:: Very high

How do they see themselves:: Close to perfect, only missing a perfect wife to help rule his kingdom

How do they think they are perceived by others:: Will be the best king

What do they like about themselves the most:: That he is pretty much a perfect 'knight in shining armor'

What do they like about themselves the least:: That he isn't the type of guy that Jewel would fall for

How do they express themselves:: Though words, actions, gifts

Dominant or Submissive:: Dominant

Patience Level:: Outwardly he shows that he has all the patience in the world, inwardly he is very impatient. Though he makes it kind of known how his patience is being strained trying to impress Jewel

Ruled by Emotion or Logic:: Both, depends on situation

Most at ease when:: he is in control of his surroundings, or just in control in general

Least at ease when:: around Crowne

Which of the seven virtues:: Charity

Which of the seven sins:: Lust

Greatest weakness:: Sometimes his speaks before he thinks when around Jewel

Optimist or Pessimist:: Optimist

Introvert or Extrovert:: Extrovert

Greatest Fear:: That he will never find the perfect wife

Greatest Regrets:: That he wasn't able to save his mother, or even save his father

Greatest Accomplishment:: Becoming the well known Dragon of Aelrune

Darkest Secret::'s a secret

Personality Summary:: Proud, outgoing man who loves to show off for Jewel. He tries everything to make her happy and smile. Enjoys working out and is not lazy so doesn't like to have servants around to do his work for him. Doesn't like royal attire but nice clothes that show his rank and is comfortable (as well as practical) at the same time.

Musical Talent:: Actually has a great singing voice, no one knows about it and he's a little embarrassed about it 




Likes:: white chocolate, fruit, the color red

Dislikes:: veggies, the color orange, people doing everything for him

Favorites:: comfortable outfits

Least Favorite:: stiff, scratchy uniforms,

Simple Pleasures:: reading, watching the rain, horseback riding, searching for items that will please Jewel

Greater Pleasures:: watching Jewel, daydreaming, working out, even sparring Jewel

Motto/Personal Quote:: "The impossible can be made possible through hard work!"

Mode of Transportation:: Horseback

Most Prized Possession:: A locket his mother owned  




Relationship Skills:: Very good, likes to flirt with girls

Loves:: Jewel, his father

Lusts:: Jewel

Crushes:: Jewel

Girlfriend/Boyfriend:: none

Martial Status:: single

Best Friend:: none

Friends:: quite a few

Dislikes:: Crowne

Hates:: Rynebau

Rivals:: none

Pets:: none

Perfect Partner:: unknown

Judgmental of others:: Not very, though is cautious

Perceived by

Strangers:: amazing, powerful, a little love-sick, skillful

Friends:: reliable, lovesick

Family/partner:: a perfect son

What will change people’s perception:: Seeing him in action doing his 'kingly' duties.

Type of people liked to associate with:: Easygoing, fun people

Type of people disliked to associate with:: Those who threaten his kingdom, shifty, questionable people, magic users

Treats others of the opposite sex:: with chivalry

Treats others of the same sex:: polite

What do family/close friends like most about them:: reliable, integrity, strong sense of morals

What do family/close friends like least about them:: gets distracted easily, gets obsessed too easily

What is their relationship like with

1. Crowne Krystice:: Fears him, respects him because of his power and being the brother of Jewel

2. Jewel Krystice:: Adores her, is drawn to her and wants to learn/know everything about her

3. Rynebau Crystallia:: Thinks she's annoying, vain, obsessed


[[Emotional Characteristics]]


Sense of Morals:: Has a

Etiquette:: Proper etiquette fit for a king

Sense of Self-control:: Struggles with this but no one knows of it

Act in public:: casual like the people but always has this air around him

Act around strangers:: with respect and inward caution

Act around friends:: casual though demands respect

Changed from childhood:: Has loosened up a bit

Remained the same:: Still hardworking

Deals with::

Anger:: Goes to work out by himself as to not harm others

Sorrow:: Weeps in private then closes up to everyone else

Conflict/Danger:: Goes on defense before he analyzes the situation and attacks

Rejection:: Strives to work past it and succeed

Fear:: Doesn't show any in case enemies are watching

Change:: Welcomes it

Loss:: Closes himself up

Being incorrect:: Has a sense of pride and gets angry for being corrected

Guilt:: Always carries with with him for not being able to save his family

Peer Pressure:: Doesn't really get any

Stress:: Loses self control and gets his 'angry voice'

Pain:: Doesn't show pain, shrugs it off

Being Criticized:: Laughs it off, only one that freely criticizes him is Jewel

Praise:: Laughs and enjoys it, yearns for praise from Jewel

Love:: Searches for his soulmate

Humiliation:: Has experienced it (subtle) but no one dares to outwardly humiliate him

Being hated:: Doesn't like it but understands you can't please everyone

How does this character think/feel about::

Marriage:: Can't wait to marry Jewel

Children:: Secretly wants a young son and daughter (at least one of each though the more the better)

Love:: Hasn't experienced a true one-on-one relationship with a woman

The opposite Sex:: He's a guy, what do you think he thinks?

Drugs and Alcohol:: Won't use drugs or alcohol because of being king, though does enjoy an occasional drink

Killing/Murder:: Disapproves of it. Doesn't think violence will solve violence, but stopping the source can put and end to it. Tries his best to keep his kingdom harmonious and free of it. Those found will be harshly punished.

Life:: Treasures it and will do the best he can for his mother's sake

Death:: Has seen it all too well as a young child and wishes to prevent violent death

Society:: Doesn't experience the REAL society

Their own death:: Will do everything he can to live with the life his mother saved

What they want out of life:: To live a life that will honor his mother's death

What would they like to change in their life:: To become the perfect husband/father

Motivation:: To be the best that he can be, a bit competitive

Discourages:: Reminders of things he fails at

Happiness:: succeeding

Sorrow:: remembering those he lost

Angry:: things not following the morals that he believes in 


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