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Crowne Krystice

Sex: Male


Species:  Human

Dislikes: Homework, stuck up people


Storyline: Aelrune

Year of Creation: 




Full Name: 


Meaning Behind Name: 


Meaning Behind Nicknames: 




Age Based on Appearance: 


Blood Type: 




Top Expressions Used: 


Speech Pattern: 

Main Language: 




Personality Summary: 





Skin Tone: 




Body Structure/Build: 


Dominant Hand: 










Choice of Attire: 










Simple Pleasures: 

Greater Pleasures:


Life Goals: 

Short Term Goals: 

Long Term Goals: 


Relationship Skills:





Birth Place: 

Birth Order: 








Intelligence Level: 


Patience Level: 

Ruled by Emotion or Logic: 

Introvert or Extrovert: 

Optimist or Pessimist: 

Motto/Personal Quote:  

Musical Talent: 


Full Name:: Crowne Krystice

Pronunciation:: Crown Chris-Tis

Age:: 13

Sex:: Male

Blood Type:: AB

Species:: Human

Birthdate:: 10th of winter, 2nd moon

Birth Place:: Kingdom Krystice

Birth Order:: Younger Twin (by 3 minutes)

Family:: Mother and Father (dead unknown to him), Jewel Krystice (Older sister)

Occupation:: Apprentice

Title/Rank:: Exiled Prince/ Mage in training

Hobbies/Pastimes:: Learning about magic, collecting artifacts, talking to Jewel about everything

Skills/Powers:: overwhelming magical power that is hard for him to control, can cast strong spells but forgets how to repeat the spell or reverse and effect

Symbol:: Key  



Home:: Kingdom Krystice

Earliest Memory:: Him searching for a dove with his sister in the garden around the age of 5

Childhood:: A perfect childhood, a loving family, very close with his sister, great teachers, prince of a kingdom, could learn and do anything (pretty much) in the castle

Favorite memory:: Learning the secret that his father knew magic

Most important Memory:: His discovered he had magic at the age of 12

Backstory:: The younger brother of Jewel chose to follow his sister in exile. They were always close and he could not stand to stay away from her. He tries to keep an upbeat look on life and keep Jewel happy even though it was a hard blow for her to leave as it was for him. He hopes to bring back her cheerfulness and smiles and won't give up. He has traveled with her for a year before they had reached the Kingdom of Aelrune where King La'Rence Tellaru Kranz Aerlune rules. He accidentally blew up some man's shop in a fit of rage and stayed (after his sister allowed it) to learn magic from a very well-known sorcerer who lived there. During his stay, he messed up on a spell and turned his sister into a dove where he had some help in glamoring her. He also split Rynebau into seven entities which drove him crazy then put her back into one being but messed up again making her into a girl with extreme PMS where her emotions take strange and intense turns.  


[[Physical Characteristics]]

Height:: 5' 9"

Weight:: 120lbs

Posture/Poise:: He acts like a child but when he has to get serious he does act like a prince

Build:: Lean but visibly muscular

Strength:: Power, Speed

Weakness:: Control, Accuracy

Skin:: Slightly tan like his sister

Hair:: messy and short dirty blond hair

Eyes:: Bright blue eyes

Other:: none

Expressions:: usually has a childish grin on his face, when angry he usually shows it for a short bit which is a warning before his serious face when he is about to cast a spell

Markings:: none

Left/Right Handed:: Left-handed

Choice of attire:: mage attire (or priest or prince clothes)

Accessories:: Has a matching lock and key necklace on that he never takes off. He always has it on and hides it as well.

Weapons:: Prefers just magic (with his staff) and runes. Does have a hidden dagger.

Mannerism:: Never really acted like a prince even in the castle at home unless he knew when it was needed.

Habits:: Casting spells when he is angry without thinking of the consequences.

Health:: Gets sick every so often from constantly staying up or not eating to practice or study magic.

Hygiene:: Also spotless, though sometimes he forgets due to his concentration and gets quite filthy. Luckily Rynebau does her best to keep things clean or Jewel will help push him to clean himself up.

Speech Pattern:: Passes for a commoner though every so often he will speak like royalty without knowing it.

Voice:: A semi-deep voice that is going through puberty. It doesn’t break or sound odd, just lets everyone know he is still going through the growth change.



[[Intellectual Characteristics]]

Intelligence level:: Highly intelligent in academics, mostly in magic.

Languages:: universal, rune script, and a few other languages

Long term goals:: Become the strongest wizard

Short term goals:: turn Jewe back to human

Secret desires:: To become a great king like his father

Self-confidence:: Very high (sometimes cocky)

How do they see themselves:: Doing well on his way to being a great wizard

How do they think they are perceived by others:: fun, nice, interesting

What do they like about themselves the most:: how strong magically he is

What do they like about themselves the least:: How childish they look, how physically weak he is

How do they express themselves:: Through magic and words

Dominant or Submissive:: dominant

Patience Level:: Low

Ruled by Emotion or Logic:: Emotion

Most at ease when:: with Ren, his magic teacher, Rynebau

Least at ease when:: around King Ren, Uncle

Which of the seven virtues:: Diligence

Which of the seven sins:: Pride

Greatest weakness:: Gets obsessed quickly

Optimist or Pessimist:: Optimist

Introvert or Extrovert:: Extrovert

Greatest Fear:: That his sister will leave him, or she ends up falling in love with King Ren

Greatest Regrets:: Not learning more about why his sister was exiled and not him originally

Greatest Accomplishment:: learns magic quickly

Darkest Secret:: Feels an impending doom approaching he and his sister

Personality Summary:: He is carefree, laidback, and very caring towards his sister. He is skeptical around the King because he seems too interested in his sister. Luckily the King is wary around Crowne because it seems the King causes high emotions which in return equals in damage. However, when he really gets into his magic and casting he is actually serious and may appear older, more mature than he really is. When he accomplishes something, wants something, has news, made a discovery he goes rushing throughout the kingdom to find his sister to tell her. He also talks a lot and knows his sister very well. She may look like she isn't listening but always pays attention to what he says.

Musical Talent:: Is actually a good singer but doesn’t sing unless to comfort his sister  



Likes:: shiny objects

Dislikes:: veggies

Favorites:: magic, artifacts, runes, mythical creatures, chocolate

Least Favorite:: the color pink

Simple Pleasures:: learning/getting magic stuff

Greater Pleasures:: finding new unknown artifacts

Motto/Personal Quote:: "IT WENT BOOM!!"

Mode of Transportation:: Walking or teleportation

Most Prized Possession:: His staff and lock/key pendant  



Relationship Skills::He is very good with socializing with others though a little too much. Sometimes he gets too caught up with chatting with people it becomes overwhelming. If the topic turns to magic, however...beware!

Loves:: his sister

Lusts:: none

Crushes:: Marelle (just doesn't realize it)

Girlfriend/Boyfriend:: None

Martial Status:: never married

Best Friend:: Jewel Krystice

Friends:: Rynebau Crystallia, Marelle, Fayne

Dislikes:: King Aelrune

Hates:: King Aelrune

Rivals:: Marelle

Pets:: none

Perfect Partner:: Marelle (he won't realize it for YEARS...)

Judgmental of others:: Only judges people on their magic knowledge and abilities

Perceived by

Strangers:: such a child but scary

Friends:: intelligent child, still scary

Family/partner:: a child, easily read

What will change people’s perception:: When they see him fight for what he believes in

Type of people liked to associate with:: Those who know magic

Type of people disliked to associate with:: Those who have little to no knowledge

Treats others of the opposite sex::Gets really nervous around them unless there is magic involved. Then he just sees them as potential friends.

Treats others of the same sex:: Only cares if he can learn magic from them

What do family/close friends like most about them:: great protector, very caring and loving, fascinating

What do family/close friends like least about them:: unreliable, a little over obsessed

What is their relationship like with

Jewel Krystice:: Secretly the only one he trusts but acts as if he trusts everyone

King La’Rence Aelrune:: Doesn’t like him but appreciates being allowed to stay in the kingdom and study with their best wizard.

Rynebau Crystallia:: Likes her company and amuses him. He is also highly fascinated with the faeries. Oblivious to her huge crush on him.

Fayne:: Amazed at the complexity of magic from the rabbit-like thing. Knows that it knows a lot more magic than it lets on.

Uncle Krystice:: Hates him as much as Jewel. He has a bad feeling about his uncle.

Marelle:: His rival and fellow student of his magic teacher.

His Teacher::Highly admires and respects him and wants to learn everything he can from him as soon as possible.

Navi:: Can’t find it in himself to hate him but definitely isn’t chummy with him. Doesn’t want anyone too close to Jewel. 


[[Emotional Characteristics]]

Sense of Morals:: Does what he thinks is right and wrong, saves people's lives, stop 'bad guys', no stealing etc...

Etiquette:: Has it but rarely uses it

Sense of Self-control:: Very little

Act in public:: like a child, very carefree

Act around strangers:: Likes to learn everything from them (only if they know magic) or has other VERY interesting knowledge

Act around friends:: Talks their ears off

Changed from childhood:: talks more about magic

Remained the same:: nothing else changed

Deals with::

Anger:: blows up and casts a devastating spell

Sorrow:: cries and locks himself up in his room (or privately with his sister)

Conflict/Danger:: Prepares to defend and cast spells

Rejection:: becomes downcast and depressed

Fear:: becomes frozen for a few moments

Change:: likes it

Loss:: gets depressed

Being incorrect:: Wants proof and evidence of him being wrong

Guilt:: gets sad and tries to solve and amend what he did

Peer Pressure:: talks to his sister first

Stress:: Falls asleep for days

Pain:: whimpers and tries to make it better

Being Criticized:: Doesn't like it, but doesn't care unless it Jewel is criticizing him

Praise:: Revels in it and strives to work harder

Love:: Gets embarrassed

Humiliation:: Turns bright red and his magic starts to get out of control

Being hated:: doesn't want to be hated and will go far to change it

How does this character think/feel about::

Marriage:: doesn't think about it

Children:: doesn't like them

Love:: only knows family/friend love

The Opposite Sex:: gets scared around them (except Jewel and Rynebau) UNLESS they start talking about magic

Drugs and Alcohol:: Doesn't like them

Killing/Murder:: Will punish them

Life:: Treasures it

Death:: fears it

Society:: interests him slightly

Their own death:: Fears it

What they want out of life:: To return with his sister to his home kingdom

What would they like to change in their life:: To have better control and knowledge about his magic, make his sister happy

Motivation:: Hearing about his magic potential, hearing of magical treasures

Discourages:: Jewel criticizes him

Happiness:: finding new artifacts

Sorrow:: losing a loved one

Angry:: Anyone trying to hit on Jewel, people stealing his artifacts, people doing evil acts


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