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Artemis Cho

Sex:  Female

Born: Unknown

Breed/Species:  Unknown

Dislikes: Feeling constricted, being told what to do

Nicknames: Unknown

Storyline: Persona

Year of Creation: 2009


This interesting entity is female (?) though prefers and insists on using a female form at all times. Her skin is more of a metallic blend of blues, purples, and silver. She represents the more dark, unknown exciting discoveries that the vast unknown space in our universe holds. She does seem to consistently have a specific planet constantly following her that always is connected to her somehow. Her facial features almost seem human but what most humans would deem 'alien'.

Her most common form is her wearing some form of black, almost lingerie clothing, showing off her unique skin. Blazing gold eyes with blue-green or blue-purple or blue-yellow combination. A glowing red pendant that can activate on her chest in line with a glowing black star is floating in front of the middle of her forehead. Two small black horns atop her head, and a black silver crown. Her favorite weapon in hand is a dark trident that comes from her pendant.


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